Babywearing Resources

A collection of our favourite links.

Safety and Positioning Information:

Baby sling and carrier safety by Health Canada
Consumer Safety: Babywearing keeps your baby Visible and Kissable! by the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance
Optimal Positioning Cards by Babywearing International

Safety Blog Posts and Articles:

“Parents, Please Stop Covering Your Baby’s Face” by Carolyn Sinclair
Hacking Your Baby Carrier by Emma Cunningham

Choosing a Carrier:

Which Baby Carrier Should You Buy? by Emma Cunningham
Baby Carriers for Families on a Budget by Beth. The babywearing lady.
Practice, Not Product! by the Canadian Babywearing School

Finding Babywearing Products and Services in Toronto and Beyond:

Trying to Find a Carrier? by Carry Me Close Babywearers

Using Your Carrier:

Exploring Wrapping! by Carry Me Close Babywearers

Babywearing and Cultural Appropriation:

“Cultural Appropriation and the Baby Wearing community” By Elizabeth Close
“Not Your Idea: Cultural Appropriation in the Birthing Community” by Aaminah Shakur
“Not Your Idea: How to Avoid Cultural Appropriation in Babywearing” by Aaminah Shakur
“How the Attachment-Parenting Debate Ignores Women of Color” by Hope Wabuke
#NotYourPodBuTai/Respecting East Asian Traditional Baby Carriers
“A Statement on Rebozos” by Babywearing International
Decolonizing Babywearing: Voices and Thoughts of POC in the Babywearing community.

Carrying and Older Baby or Toddler

Carry on communicating by Ali Cordery

Babywearing Education and Advocacy Courses:

The Canadian Babywearing School
Centre for Babywearing Studies
BabyWearFit (Training for those offering Babywearing + Movement Classes)

Other Babywearing Facebook Pages and Groups:

(Parents and other caregivers should use their own judgement when accepting babywearing advice. Not all advice given in outside groups will necessarily represent industry best practices.)

Canadian Babywearing on a Budget
Babywearing DIY Advice and Support
Canadian Babywearing FSOT Swap
Canadian Babywearers – Swap & Chat
Canadian Babywearing Feedback
Babywearers of Diversity
Indigenous Babywearers and Reclaiming Traditional Parenting
Babywearing for Plus-Sized Bodies