How We Use Your Donations

We are run entirely by volunteers – through their time, labour, and emotional energy. This organization is a labour of love: for our children and for yours, and for all babies born with the need to touch and to be close to their caregivers, and for all the caregivers who need to get things done while meeting that need.

Carry Me Close Babywearers is a non-profit organization registered in the Province of Ontario. Since we are not a charity, we cannot issue charitable tax receipts. Donations help cover our insurance costs for the organization and for all the people who volunteer to run it. This is our most significant expense by far. If we are unable to successfully meet this cost, the organization will not be able to continue.

Cost should never be a barrier to participation in Babywearing 101 Meetings or in our online spaces. These events operate on a “Pay What You Can” basis and all are welcomed whether or not they can make a donation.

Our second most significant expense is making changes and additions to our carrier collection. We love to have the most common and popular carriers on hand at our meetings so that caregivers can compare and contrast different styles of carriers and decide which ones work best to meet their needs. For safety reasons, we can only bring brand new carriers into our collection – some of these are donated by manufacturers, but donations help us purchase others when there is significant demand.

If you would like to make a donation, you can find a donation box at our monthly “Babywearing 101 and Socializing” meetings. You can also find “Optional Donation” tickets on our Eventbrite listings, or donate directly to our PayPal account here:

We love our organization and we are hoping to help it grow up into a fantastic resource for families in our community. Thank you for all of your support, financial and otherwise! We hope we were able to give you the help you needed, when you needed it.


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