Trying to Find a Carrier?

Members of our Facebook group often ask where they can buy a certain brand or type of carrier. To assist with your search, we’ve compiled a directory of Canadian businesses within the GTA and beyond that sell baby carriers. Note that this list is not meant to be exhaustive and complete, but instead highlights retailers that carry a wide or harder-to-find selection of carriers.

The “Where to Shop” file maintained in our Facebook group is a living document – retailers can update their stock and link to reviews offered by members. We will change this post periodically to reflect changes to the file.

Here is a map of physical stores in the GTA and beyond.

Toronto-based Retailers:

Angel Wings Canada (The Beaches, Toronto)
Babywearing Outwear (Angel wings clothing)
Babywearing Covers (Angel wings clothing)

Ava’s Appletree (East Toronto)
Stretchy wraps (Moby, Boba)
Ring slings (Maya, Sakura Bloom, Tula, Beco)
Mei tais (Babyhawk)
Buckle carriers (Beco (Gemini, Soleil & 8), Ergo, Ergo 360, Tula, Lenny Lamb, Manduca, Boba, Lillebaby, Happy Baby Carrier)
Toddler carriers (Tula, Beco, Lenny Lamb)

Baby On The Hip (East+West Toronto)
Stretchy wraps (Maman Kangarou)
Buckle carriers (Ergo, Beco)

Diapereez (West Toronto)
Stretchy wraps (Baby K’tan)
Woven wraps (Chimparoo)
Ring slings (Chimparoo)
Buckle carriers (Ergo, Beco)

Everything Mom and Baby (Midtown Toronto)
Stretchy wraps (Je Porte Mon Bebe)
Buckle carriers (Emeibaby)
Hug and Cuddles (Grimsby, ON)
Stretchy wraps (Boba, Lenny Lamb, Huggaloops)
Woven wraps (Lenny Lamb, Little Frog, Natibaby)
Ring slings (Lenny Lamb, Little Frog, Natibaby)
Mei tais (Moa Po)
Buckle carriers (Boba, Lenny Lamb)

Evymama (East+West Toronto)
Stretchy wraps (Maman Kangarou, Moby)
Woven wraps (Ellaroo)
Ring slings (Maman Kangarou)
Mei tais (Catbird)
Buckle carriers (Catbird)

Little Zen One (Toronto)
Stretchy wraps (CuddlyWrap)
Woven wraps (Didymos, Vanamo)
Ring slings (Didymos, Vanamo, LÍLLÉbaby, Beachfront Baby)
Mei tais (Didymos DidyTai, Helina Baby Carrier)
Buckle carriers (LÍLLÉbaby)
Babywearing Outerwear (AngelWings Sweaters and Hoodies)
Babywearing Covers (Didymos)
Water Carrier (Beachfront Baby Water Wraps)
Other (Sleepbelt, Sling Rings, Babywearing Consultations and Workshops)

Love Me Do (Liberty Village)
Stretchy Wraps (Je Porte Mon Bebe, Huggaloops)
Ring slings (Sewfunky, coming soon)
Mei tais (Huggaloops, coming soon)
Buckle carriers (Beco, Lillebaby, Ergo)

Mountain Equipment Co-op (Downtown Toronto)
Buckle carriers (Onya)

Silly Goose Kids (East Toronto)
Stretchy wraps (Moby, Boba, Wrapsody Hybrid, Huggaloops)
Woven wraps (Wrapsody Breeze)
Ring slings (Sewfunky,Sakura Bloom,Beco)
Mei tais (BabyHawk)
Buckle carriers (Beco, Beco toddler, Ergo,Lillebaby,Boba)

This Little Piggy (West Toronto)
Stretchy wraps (Baby K’tan, Happy Wrap)
Mei Tai (Chimparoo)
Woven wraps (Didymos, Chimparoo)
Ring slings (Sakura Bloom, ZoloWear)
Buckle carriers (Beco, Ergo 360, LÍLLÉbaby)
Other (SleepBelt)

Other Retailers:

Babysaurus (Burlington, ON)
Stretchy Wraps (Chimparoo)
Woven Wraps (Didymos, Chimparoo, LennyLamb)
Ring Slings (LennyLamb)
Mei Tais (Fidella)
Buckle Carriers (Chimparoo, LennyLamb, Fidella)
Onbuhimus (Fidella)
Outerwear (LennyLamb)

Barefoot Babies (Hamilton, ON)
Stretchy wraps (Moby)
Woven wraps (Chimparoo, Hoppediz, Ellevill)
Ring slings (Maya, Chimparoo)
Buckle carriers (Beco, Boba)
Caterpillar Baby (West Toronto)
Stretchy wraps (Boba)
Woven wraps (Tula)
Buckle carriers (Boba, Tula, Beco)

Birdie’s Room (Prince Edward Island, Online)
Woven Wraps (All-Organic Didymos)
Ring Slings (All-Organic Didymos DidySling)
Mei Tais (All-Organic Didymos DidyTai)
Stretchy / Hybrid (All-Organic Didymos Jersey Hybrid)
Babywearing Outerwear (MamaLila, Junah, Liliputi, Didymos)
Babywearing Accessories (Sling Rings, Doll Slings, Wrap Scarves, Sun Protection, Leg Warmers)
Other (Awesome customer service and expert babywearing guidance!)

Eco Kids (Brighton, ON)
Buckle Carriers (LennyLamb, Beco, LilleBaby, Chimparoo, Twingaroo)
RingSlings (Fidella, Beco, Chimparoo)
Mei tais (Chimparoo, Fidella)
Stretchy Wraps (Chimparoo)

Helina Baby (Brampton, ON)
Helina Baby Adjustable Mei tai

Layer Your Love (Welland, ON)
Custom, made-to-order, handmade babywearing & maternity outerwear
handmade babywearing & maternity outerwear
handmade accessories

Lil’ Monkey Cheeks (Pickering, ON)
Stretchy wraps (Chimparoo, Huggaloops, Boba, Cuddly Wrap)
Woven wraps (Chimparoo, Little Frog, LennyLamb, Wrapsody, Fidella)
Ring slings (Chimparoo, Little Frog, Tula, LennyLamb, Maya Wrap, Beco, Sewfunky, Say It Ain’t Sew )
Mei tais (Chimparoo, Babyhawk, Fidella, ByKay)
Buckle carriers (Chimparoo, Tula, Boba, Lillebaby, LennyLamb, Beco, Fidella, By Kay)
Outerwear (Belly Bedaine, Kokoala, MakeMyBellyFit)
Other (SleepBelt)

Lollypop Kids (Burlington, ON)
Stretchy wraps (Chimparoo, Lenny Lamb)
Woven wraps (Chimparoo, Fidella, FireSpiral, Kokadi, Lenny Lamb, Natibaby, Pellicano)
Ring slings (Fidella, Kokadi, Natibaby)
Mei tais (Babyhawk)
Buckle carriers (Connecta, Kokadi, Lenny Lamb, Olives & Applesauce)

My Lil Sweet Pea (Thornhill, ON)
Stretchy wraps (Boba)
Woven wraps (Tula)
Mei tais (Babyhawk)
Buckle carriers (Boba, Tula)

Parenting By Nature (Orillia, ON)
Stretchy wraps (Boba, Colibri, Cuddlywrap, Moby, Wrapsody)
Woven wraps (Chimparoo, Ellevill, Girasol, Neobulle)
Ring slings (Maya, Sakura Bloom)
Mei tais (Babyhawk, Pikkolo)
Buckle carriers (Beco, Boba, Ergo, Onya, Catbird)

Sewfunky (Guelph, ON)
Stretchy wraps (Sewfunky)
Woven wraps (Chimparoo)
Ring slings (Sewfunky, custom wrap conversions)

Tadpoles & Butterflies (Edmonton, AB)
Stretchy wraps (Boba, Wrapsody, Ellevill, Calin Bleu, Moby)
Woven wraps (BB Slen, Bebina, Chimparoo, Didymos, Dolcino, Ellevill, Girasol, Hoppediz, Kokadi, Neobulle, Storchenwiege, Uppymama, Vatanai, Ellaroo)
Ring slings (Sakura Bloom, Upmama, Babylonia, Dolcino, Hoppediz, Ellevill )
Mei tais (Babyhawk, Babylonia, Ball Baby, Catbird, Chimparoo, Didymos, FreeHand, Girasol, Hoppediz, Kozy)
Buckle carriers (Babyhawk, Beco, Boba, Catbird, Chimparoo, Connecta, Ergo, FreeHand, Kinderpack, Kokadi, Olives & Applesauce, Onya)

Take a Walk on the Green Side (Newcastle, ON)
Woven Wraps (Tula)
Ring Slings (Tula, SewFunky)Buckle carriers (Tula, Onya, Beco)

The Cloth Diaper Shop (Lindsay, ON)
Stretchy wraps (Baby K’tan)
Woven wraps (Little Frog)
Ring slings (Little Frog)
Mei tais (Babyhawk)
Buckle carriers (Boba, Tula)

True North Ring Slings (Lethbridge, AB.)
100% Linen Ring Slings
Made in Canada
Fully Safety Tested

With My Baby (Canada wide, online only)
Woven Wraps, Stretchy Wraps (Chimparoo, Diva Milano)
Ring Slings (Chimparoo, Diva Milano)
Mei Tais (Chimparoo, Diva Milano)
Buckle Carriers (Chimparoo, Diva Milano)
Babywearing Outerwear (Chimparoo, Diva Milano)
Babywearing Covers (Chimparoo, Diva Milano)

Yellow Birch (Guelph, ON)
Stretchy wraps (Wrapsody, Colibri)
Woven wraps (BB Slen, Pollora, Diva Milano, Girasol, Chimparoo, Lenny Lamb)
Ring slings (Sewfunky, Wrap Conversion)
Mei tais (Moa Po, Diva Milano, BB Slen BB Tai)
Buckle carriers (Lenny Lamb, Beco, Tula, Chimparoo, Connecta, Lillebaby, Boba)
Outerwear (Liliputi)


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